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vw06: Simon
Green Hippo

Hippotizer V3 is paving the way for media servers and video used in the entertainment industry and with this increasing demand there is further need for trained individuals who can integrate, operate and program.

With this in mind we have launched HippoSchool, a monthly training seminar open to the public. HippoSchool will teach you everything you need to know in order to program Hippotizer V3 for a show. On completion of the training and a short exam, you will be presented with a Green Hippo approved certificate to show your newly acquired qualification. This can also be indicated on our Hippo Experts page.

The HippoSchool syllabus:

Terminology • Setting up the Hippotizer • Hippotizer Concepts • Introduction to HippoNet • Navigating the interface • Media Manager • The Media Player • Layer Concepts • Live Inputs • Generators • Relays • Phat Controller • Automation • Effects • Geometry & Colour • Presets/Timelines • ScreenWarp • PixelMapper • BeatBridge • PinBridge/Sync • Simple Mode • DMX & MIDI Control

Beginn: Donnerstag, 10.11.11, 11 Uhr

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